Burberry’s New Fragrance Is More Than Just a Scent

The pairing of rock’n’roll and beauty is nothing new: Jamie and Kate, David and Iman, Mick and Jerry—Mick and L’Wren for that matter. So, it isn’t surprising that Burberry’s new fragrance, Brit Rhythm, was inspired by music. And in this case, its not just about the music as much about the musician: George Barnett, of the band These New Puritans, is the face of the campaign.

a new fragrance campaign featuring one of the most popular pairings in history: beauty and music.

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The video features all things quintessential rock’n’roll: blood, sweat, and tears. Okay, okay, not blood. Or tears. But there is sweat. Lots of sweat. Steamy sweat in fact. And leather. Sweaty leather. Or something.

Joining Barnett in the campaign is another It-Brit, Suki Waterhouse, who amps up her sex appeal in, you guessed it, leather. Black leather wasn’t just an inspiration to the brand’s chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey—it’s also one of the heart notes, along with cardamom top notes and cedarwood base notes, to name a few. Bailey told GQ that he was “trying to create the atmosphere of a gig in a juice.” 

If rock’n’roll isn’t your thing, have no fear. This is about the energy of live music, period. What’s a campaign inspired by live music without, well, live music?

Be on the lookout for three Brit Rhythm concerts set to take place in October in London, New York, and Singapore. No word yet on who will be performing, but when the face of the campaign is in a band, and his girlfriend is Pixie Geldof, well, your guess is as good as ours. Wink wink.