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Sunglasses You NEED for Hot Girl Summer, All Under $20

Hey Hollywooders!

Summer 2021 is officially here and we are so ready to spend time outdoors after a long year of being cooped up inside. Sadly, with nowhere to go for over 12 months there hasn’t been much of a need to buy new eyewear. But don’t worry! We’ve rounded up 10 pairs of sunglasses that’ll help you become your fashionable self once again this summer. The best part is that not only are these shades super stylish but they’re also super affordable!

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Womens Sunglasses: Tiny and Trendy

We all know and love the very trendy rectangle shaped sunglasses. They’re all the rage right now since they look good on pretty much everybody’s face! These specs will take any summer look to the next level.

The sunglasses come in a 2 pack and are currently on sale for $15.95 (there’s also an additional $1 coupon you can add at checkout!). From black and brown to blue and pink, there are 22 different color options for you to select from.

With over 7,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, we know you will be obsessed with these sunglasses. One reviewer writes, “I love the style, this is so trendy right now. Great value for your money, I got the set of two one black and one tortoise shell. I love them and they look so chic.”

Planning a last minute beach trip? You can get these frames the next day with Prime. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention the sunglasses have UV400 protection that will help protect you from harmful UVA, UVB rays, and protect your eyes against long term UV damage. Stylish and good for our health? We’re so in!

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Love the rectangle look and want a pop of color? Then these shades are for you. While they do come in the standard black and tortoise, you can also get the sunglasses in blue, green, and rose pink!

And get this, they’re under $12! Such a great price for an awesome accessory to add to any summer outfit or swimsuit!

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Who doesn’t love clear sunglasses? Inspired by the trend of the 2000’s, these frames give us all the feels.

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One reviewer writes, “These glasses are super cute! The pink gradient is lovely. I sometimes forgot I had the glasses on! Definitely wanting (sic) to get more colors in these and the price is so nice!”

The sunglasses come in 10 different lens colors, including blue, grey, tea, and pink. They’re also less than $14 a pair so you can be in vogue without breaking the bank!

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Womens Sunglasses: Cat Eye

Looking to go bold with your sunnies this summer? Then cat eye sunglasses are a chic and creative way to add a little character to any look.

These frames come in a 2 pack, and there are 17 different color packs available. For two pairs of sunglasses? $11.98. Talk about an incredible deal!

One reviewer writes, “I purchased these sunglasses mainly for the style, I was not really expecting much because of the low price, but they are fantastic. Not only are they the exact cat-eye shape sunglasses that I was looking for, but they are very sturdy. They feel like designer sunglasses; and the glass is dark. They came with a little cloth to clean the sunglasses and a small pouch to store them in.”

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These cool retro cat eye sunglasses are a spin on the traditional frame. A bit chunkier than other pairs, these specs come in a 2 pack for just under $17. There are 4 different color choices to pick from. Our favorite is the pastel!

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Womens Sunglasses: Classics with a Twist

They’re called classics for a reason. These sunglasses never go out of style no matter the year or season. Luckily, we have some affordable versions of your favorite traditional styles to share.

These are similar to the classic round sunglasses style by Ray-Ban but unlike the brand these are very affordable. The frames are only $16.99 and come in 5 different colors. Save your money so you can spend it on all your amazing summer festivities!

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Big sunglasses have been around forever and these are the perfect pair to add to your collection. There’s no greater fashion accessory than this timeless style of sunnies.

Reviewers couldn’t agree more. One writes “I love the package and I had so many compliments with this (sic) glasses… they are perfect for those days you want to look fabulous and had no time to cover them dark circles!!? I recommend this product 100%”

These frames come in a variety of 10 colors, from black to pastels. They pretty much match any mood you’re feeling for under $15!

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Polygon shaped sunglasses are a twist on the classic round shape. If you’re looking for a less common shaped pair of eyewear, then these frames are for you. They’re ultra trendy yet unique. The frames come in 10 different colors so you can really customize the pair to your style. Not to mention, they look way expensive but are under $20 (Oakley who?).

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If you want to stay safe but fashionable with your eyewear this summer, these classic sunglasses will never go out of style. You’ll be able to wear them for years to come! The frames come in 20 different colors, and even stand out in a bold color that’s perfect for the hot months!

At just under $15 these shades come with raving reviews just like this one:

Do not waste your money on brand name sunglasses like Ray-Ban and Costa…these are way better, and I’ll tell you why:

  1. Exact, and I mean EXACT same frame as the Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses.
  2. Mirrored lens is a true mirror. You cannot see your eyes through them
  3. Secure, high-quality frame. Not flimsy or easily broken. (Trust me, I’ve broken 5+ pairs of expensive sunglasses)
  4. Great for small faces like mine!
  5. I would recommend these to anyone, but especially someone who is known for losing/breaking your sunglasses. At this price point, I’ll be buying a pair for my car, purse, and work back! 15/10 would recommend!

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These fun octagon sunglasses are both subtle and bold at the same time They come in 6 different colors so you can choose the ones that work best with your wardrobe. And they’re less than $15.

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Whether you’re at the beach, hanging by the pool, or at a friend’s backyard barbecue, you have lots of choices for stylish sunglasses. Treat yourself to an affordable and trendy new pair this summer!

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