Julep’s Face Oil Will Blow Your Mind Too

If there’s one thing that plagues just about every woman in the BtR office, it’s the fear of dry skin. We hoard anything creamy, moisturizing, and hydrating like the apocalypse is coming.  So naturally, we all jumped when a new cleansing oil landed on our desks. 

Packed with an ingredient like grapeseed, green coffee bean, olive , and rosehip seed oils, this cleanser not only promised great skin, but makeup removal as well. We were hooked. And then, just like that, we did a double take when we read the bottle. Julep Bare Face Cleansing Oil. As in, the popular toxic-free-nail-polishesJulep? Say what?

Julep’s list of investors reads like a Hollywood It-List: Jay-Z, Gaga’s manager, and Will and Jada Smith.

So, how did a small nail brand that started in Seattle branch out to skincare? Jane Park, the CEO and founder, has said that the release of the Julep DD cream—which sold out almost immediately upon it’s release—was a sign that the time to develop more skincare. 

Unlike other nail polish brands, Julep is expanding—and quickly. Why? On top of the success of their polish range coupled with that of the DD cream, it doesn’t hurt that the company and Park have won numerous awards or that the list of investors reads like a Hollywood It list: Jay-Z, Troy Carter (Lady Gaga’s manager), and the Smiths (as in Will and Jada). 

The cleanser is the first in a series that promises to meet all your anti-aging needs: protection, promotion of collagen, and production of elastin. We can’t wait to see what’s next from the Pacific Northwest company, but we bet it’s going to be hoarded by everyone in here. 

Bare Face cleansing oil is available for $28 at julep.com