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Brad Pitt teases Once Upon a Time in Hollywood mini-series

Brad Pitt has hinted Quentin Tarantino wants to turn Once Upon A Time In Hollywood into a mini-series.

The New York Times writer Kyle Buchanan published an intimate profile of Pitt this week (ends September 8, 2019), and has now shared parts of the interview that did not make it into the original story.

Among the snippets he published on Twitter were quotes from the actor saying Tarantino plans to expand their new movie by turning it into a streaming series featuring extended footage.

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“Yeah he’s talked about it,” Pitt said of plans for a new streaming version. “It’s a pretty arousing idea.”

Although the 55-year-old actor loves the “transportive experience” of cinema, he thinks the film will also work as a series, as it will allow the story to be expanded.

“I look at series where you can spend much more time on characters and story and explore angles you don’t always get to in film,” he added.

Pitt, cited Tarantino’s adaptation of his 2015 film, The Hateful Eight, which debuted as a reworked four-part mini-series on Netflix in April 2019, and also hopes a Once Upon a Time in Hollywood mini-series will help it appeal to younger people.

“I’m curious to see if movies last, if movies stick around,” he said. “What I notice about the younger generation is that they’re used to receiving a lot of information at a much faster pace, and they’re more inclined to watch a short series of episodes where you can stay in it as long as you want or jump out whenever you get bored.”

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