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It’s always a beautiful day to watch Grey’s Anatomy

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It’s been 84 days since we last got to see the Grey’s Anatomy cast (aside from re-watching our favorite feel-good episodes). The wait is FINALLY over and #GreysDay is back! Well, almost. After initially announcing that Season 17 Episode 7 would return March 4th, the actual return of a new Grey’s Anatomy episode is now confirmed to air Thursday, March 11th.

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We’re so ready to watch the new Grey’s Anatomy episode, but there’s a catch

Here’s the thing: you’ll have to wait to see Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Dr. Bailey (Chanda Wilson), Owen (Kevin McKidd), Avery (Jesse Williams), and the rest of the Grey’s Anatomy cast until after President Joe Biden’s national address, set to air at 8pm EST

We’re just happy that the show is back after waiting since the last new Grey’s Anatomy episode aired on December 17th, 2020. 

We’re not the only ones who love the Grey’s Anatomy cast

And it’s not just all of us who love Grey’s Anatomy – the critics agree. 

The list of nominations and awards is very long, including 38 primetime Emmy nominations and four wins and 10 Golden Globes nominations and two wins.

The series boasts the title of the longest-running primetime medical drama on TV, longer than the previously successful medical dramas M*A*S*H* and ER.

The Grey’s Anatomy series catapulted the career of lead Ellen Pompeo who has played namesake character Meredith Grey over its 16-year history. She has become a household name (along with other powerful women in Hollywood), winning a Screen Actors Guild award, earning a Golden Globe nomination, and becoming one of the highest-paid TV actors today,–reportedly making $20 million per year.

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It’s not just about money and awards ––Ellen Pompeo has said herself that she doesn’t really care about either. Grey’s Anatomy does a fantastic job telling the stories of women throughout all 17 seasons.

Prior to becoming Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo appeared in several movies including Old School, Daredevil, Art Heist, and Life of the Party before landing her career-defining role. She knows she has some privilege, too––Ellen Pompeo is not afraid to urge Hollywood to hire more diverse talent, as shown in 2018. 

Beyond the professional growth Ellen Pompeo has experienced during the series tenure, her personal life has had a lot of good news. She married her husband Chris Ivery in 2007 and the pair have three children together, and her husband is not intimidated by her career.

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This season of Grey’s Anatomy shows just how serious the cast and writers are telling authentic stories about first responders

As Grey’s Anatomy fans already know, the 17th season of the hit medical drama tackles how the coronavirus pandemic impacts the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. In Variety’s Virtual Power of Women panel in October, Ellen Pompeo and executive producer Krista Vernoff spoke about the decision to tackle coronavirus. USA Today reports how Vernoff said that deciding to do a pandemic season was complicated, but they decided to do it since the doctors and nurses who advised the show’s writers made it clear how the pandemic shifted things in the medical community.

USA Today reports how Vernoff commented on this decision, saying, “I want to inspire people to take care of each other, to wear their masks, to help this pandemic end, I want to honor the doctors and the change to the medical system, and it also has to play out like Grey’s Anatomy.”

In an exclusive November 2020 interview with Deadline, Ellen Pompeo says:

“I think we have a responsibility to really show what these healthcare workers have been going through…I saw this as an opportunity to tell the story of how hard this is for our healthcare workers…We have to try to spread some empathy, and show people that this is very real, and it’s really hard.”

We’re so grateful that all of the Grey’s Anatomy cast and crew found a way to honor the real stories of doctors and nurses during this difficult time and still make it just as entertaining as every other season!

While it has been speculated that this 17th season will be the final for the series which has aired on ABC since 2005, we’re not going to think about the end; instead, we’ll focus on the fact that we have at least 17 seasons to watch, over and over again!

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