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10 ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Couples You Probably Forgot About

Pretty Little Liars has had it’s share of romantic relationships for fans to ship. However, for every Spoby or Haleb, there is always a Wrenna or a Jashley. Some of these relationships ended before they could even begin but you are likely not losing sleep over any of them. Here are 10 PLL couples you probably forgot about.

1. Hanna Marin and Wren Kingston

Hanna and Wren Wrenna Pretty Little Liars

Wrenna was perhaps the most random pairing in PLL history. After getting excited about Mona not being moved from Radley Sanitarium to an out-of-state mental hospital, Hanna kissed Wren. Later, the two of them talk and decide it can’t happen again. However, if Wren turned out to be A, this pairing would have been way more entertaining!

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2. Aria Montgomery and Riley

Aria and Riley Pretty Little Liars

You probably don’t remember this brief romance because it only lasted for one episode but the chemistry between Riley and Aria was amazing! After discovering the truth about Ezra’s stalking, Aria sought comfort in a one night stand with a broody music student whose parents didn’t believe music was something you could study. Riley leaves Aria with a free “beat up a jerk” card before leaving her. Maybe Aria will finally use that card one day!

3. Emily Fields and Samara Cook

Emily and Samara Pretty Little Liars

When she wasn’t dating Maya or Paige, Emily dated Samara Cook very briefly during the show’s early seasons. Their relationship ended after A made Samara believe Emily slipped her phone number to someone else. In her last scene, Samara tells Emily she can’t see her anymore unless she knows the truth about why her girlfriend asked someone else out. Now that this A is out of the picture, what is stopping Emily from calling her up?

4. Spencer Hastings and Alex Santiago

Spencer and Alex Pretty Little Liars

Before he played a potential murder suspect on Scream Queens, Diego Boneta won Spencer’s heart as Alex Santiago. This couple met their end like most PLL relationships — with an interference from A. After someone anonymously sends in an application for him to play tennis in the Swedish Open, he automatically assumes it’s Spencer. 

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5. Ashley Marin and Jason DiLaurentis

Ashley and Jason Pretty Little Liars

Forget the four main girls! It’s Ashley Marin who gets all of the Rosewood boys! Ashley’s brief fling with Jason started when the two talked about sexy things such as real estate documents. Unfortunately, this came to an end when Ashley resigned from her position of helping Jason and called off her engagement to another man. Jashley ended before it could even begin.

6. Spencer Hastings and Dean Stavros

Spencer and Dean Stavros Pretty Little Liars

Can you believe Spencer had an oh-so-short fling a vampire? And no, it’s not Boo Radley Van Cullen aka Toby Cavanaugh. It’s Nathaniel Buzolic of Vampire Diaries fame! Buzolic portrayed Dean Stavros, a drug and alcohol abuse counselor who tries to get Spencer on the right path. He eventually tells Spencer he can’t see her anymore because all he wants to do is kiss her despite her boyfriend, Toby. We haven’t seen him since.

7. Hanna Marin and Mike Montgomery

Mike and Hanna Pretty Little Liars

PLL book fans know Hanna and Mike have a long-lasting relationship. However, the show goes off on its own path and turns their relationship into a casual fling instead. It seems unlikely with all of the fan love for Caleb but maybe Mike and Hanna will find their way to each other. We know Cody Christian approves!

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8. Aria Montgomery and Jake

Aria and Jake Pretty Little Liars

Aria’s short-lived romance with Jake, the sexy self-defense instructor, ended when she told him how she still had feelings for Ezra despite Jake’s warnings about him. The last we saw of him, he got stabbed in the foot after kicking a punching bag that A filled with knives. And to add insult to literal injury, Aria kissed Ezra in the same episode. Poor Jake has yet to find out.

9. Emily Fields and Ben Coogan

Emily and Ben Pretty Little Liars

Before Emily came out, she dated this sleazeball. In addition to bullying Emily for being gay, he also attempts to sexually assault her until Toby comes to the rescue. This is one relationship we’re ok with never seeing again!

10. Jenna Marshall and Lucas Gottesman

Lucas Gottlesman

Jenna Marshall

This relationship is never explored on-screen but it’s an amazing reference many fans will probably have forgotten by now! When the girls check up on their classmates on social media to see what they’re doing at prom, they see Lucas and Jenna holding hands. The five-year time jump has yet to reference this relationship but maybe they have bigger plans! For all we know, Lucas and Jenna could be secretly married and plotting their next A-game.

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