Watch our Interviews with the Cast of ‘Raised by Wolves’

The Trailer for HBO Max’s original series ‘Raised by Wolves’ is weird.

But at 9.8 Million views on YouTube, you can’t deny that people are interested. That might be because the trailer interests them, or has one of the greatest names in Sci-fi attached in Ridley Scott.

The series follows Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father (Abubakar Salim), two androids that have birthed human children to raise on a distant planet without religion. Things are good until a ship called the Ark appears and contains human adults who don’t believe that androids should raise humans and their god is the only way to live.

Then the Trailer gets really interesting.

What better way to explain more about it then the actors and writer/showrunner? Below are our exclusive interviews;

Amanda Collin & Abubakar Salim

First, two of the leads, Amanda Collin (Mother) & Abubakar Salim (Father) tell us about their characters, we go into a deep dive into if Mother is good, bad, just following its computing, or what, and then they tell us why you should watch.


Niamh Algar

In this interview, Niamh Algar goes into who she plays, what Raised by Wolves is, why she said yes to the show (hint, I mentioned him earlier), and why we should watch.


Showrunner Aaron Guzikowski

In our final interview for this show, we talk to Writer/Showrunner Aaron Guzikowski about what ‘Raised by Wolves’ is, how and why he combined Sci-fi with Religion, and why people should watch.


‘Raised by Wolves’ releases September 3, 2020, on HBO Max.