A New Mulder Is Out There!

A new Fox Mulder replacement is apparently much easier to pinpoint than the truth. Word has it that the search for a full-time surrogate for the soon-to-be-appearing-only-on-a-part-time-basis Fox Mulder in “The X-Files” has kicked into high gear.

The New York Daily News said today that four, er, somewhat low-wattage, actors — Lou Diamond Phillips (“La Bamba”) , Bruce Campbell (“Jack of All Trades”), Robert Patrick (“The Faculty”) and Hart Bochner (“Anywhere But Here”), to be exact — all met with Fox top brass Friday to discuss the stint.

The people at Fox Television would neither confirm nor deny the report when we called this morning.

As to the other calls we placed this a.m.: Lou Diamond Phillips’ people confirmed news of the meeting but refused to offer any more details. Bruce Campbell and Robert Patrick’s publicists haven’t yet returned our calls; and Bochner’s folks remained evasive and refrained from comments.

The new co-star will assume his “X-Files” duties early next season as Scully’s (Gillian Anderson) latest partner as they search for a missing Mulder, who’s supposedly been abducted by little green aliens.

In reality, the true reason behind the cast shuffle is because of David Duchovny’s new contract deal signed earlier this year, which agreed to give the actor more money for working considerably less (like half of the 22-show season).

“The X-Files” will be continuing in its eighth season this fall. The show was in danger of being canned due to stalled contract talks early this year, but was renewed when Anderson and series originator Chris Carter signed on in May.