Aaron Paul met Steven Tyler on his way from the Emmy nominations

Actor Aaron Paul rescued Steven Tyler’s dog after announcing the Primetime Emmy Awards nominations earlier this month (Jul13). During the early morning broadcast, The Breaking Bad star received a nod for Outstanding Supporting Actor and went out to celebrate with his wife, Lauren, afterwards – and ran into the rock legend.
He says, “Lauren and I started drinking some mimosas at brunch and it’s funny, it’s just a Hollywood moment. We were walking back and we started talking to this woman who was walking her dog and two little small chihuahuas come running out underneath this fence.
“I hear the owner from the other side of the fence screaming after his dogs, so I run after and chase the dogs and I pick one of them up and I turn around and it’s Steven Tyler in his silk robe, pretty much nothing else on.”
He continues, “I turn around like, ‘Is this your dog?’ and he’s like, ‘Yes’. So he’s like, ‘Why are you so dressed up?’ and this is, like, 6:45 in the morning, and I have a bow tie on and he’s in pretty much nothing. I said, ‘I announced the Emmys,’ and he said, ‘How did it go?’ and I said, ‘It went pretty well’.”