Attack brings new civility to Hollywood

The Sept. 11th attacks have resulted in a profound change of temperament
among many Hollywood executives, the Los Angles Times observed today. “Hollywood’s trademark ruthless practices and myopic,
egocentric nature have given way to much more civil business dealings,” the
newspaper commented in an article that quoted numerous top producers as
acknowledging that the terrible events had put their jobs into a different
perspective for them.

Famed entertainment attorney Bertram Fields told the
Times that while recently negotiating a deal with a top studio
executive whom he regarded as “a very tough brusque guy,” he noticed that
“his voice and attitude were totally changed. We commiserated and talked
about our families. … I’m not saying he gave up a deal point, but his
manner and style were totally different.”

Another entertainment lawyer,
David Colden, remarked: “This is not the Hollywood I’ve known for the last
23 years. … There’s a sense of humanity among business people that often
doesn’t exist.”

And Artisan Entertainment’s Amir Malin echoed: “I am seeing
a sincerity that can be categorized as atypical.”