Celebrity beauty salon boss facing stiff jail sentence

U.S. Secret Service agents arrested Maria Gabriela Perez on federal fraud charges in August (10) for allegedly stealing her clients’ credit card information and making fraudulent purchases on their behalf.

Perez, owner of the exclusive Beverly Hills Chez Gabriela Studio, is alleged to have tallied $280,000 (GBP186,670) in unauthorised charges to clients including Aniston, Tyler, Anne Hathaway and Melanie Griffith, among others.

She appeared in Los Angeles federal court on 19 August (10) and was placed under house arrest.

In a federal indictment obtained by TMZ.com, Perez’ alleged billing thefts date back to October 2005, with one single alleged transaction totalling $69,890 (GBP46,590).

Prosecutors say Perez also has previous convictions for shoplifting and writing bad cheques.