Joan Collins landed Benidorm role after sister’s tweet

Joan Collins landed a role on hit British sitcom Benidorm after her sister told the world the actress is a big fan of the show. The former Dynasty star fell in love with the vacation-based comedy after watching the first five seasons with her author sister Jackie during a mammoth festive TV session.
She was so impressed she told Jackie she would love a role in the show, and her dream came true after the word spread on
Joan Collins tells Hello! magazine, “My sister Jackie got me into this. One Christmas we watched the series back to back and I laughed so much that I said, ‘I would love to be in this series.’ She tweeted it and a week later the creator Derren Litten was on the phone.
“Without giving too much away, I play Joyce Temple-Savage’s boss. There’s a great twist at the end but I can’t reveal what it is…”