Jon Hamm gives away all of his designer freebies


Jon Hamm gives away the majority of clothes gifted to him by fashion designers.

After landing the role of Don Draper in ’60s-set drama Mad Men, a part that won him two Golden Globes and an Emmy Award, the actor became a household name.

While his celebrity status means that designers often send him clothes, Jon has now shared that he ends up giving a lot of the freebies away because he simply doesn’t need them.

“No – I don’t dress in 1960s clothes!” he told British newspaper Metro when asked if his personal style has been influenced by Don. “I have a lot more clothes now because in that weird, ironic way, the more you don’t need something, the more they give it to you. I probably wore the same eight pairs of jeans for the first 15 years I was in L.A. and now I have… whatever, 15 tuxedos. I just give it all away. How many clothes does one person need?”