Madonna’s childhood home sells for $331,000

Some folks who want to live like the material girl went head to head in an auction for the superstar’s childhood home in Rochester Hills, Mich. on Saturday.

Sam Michael, who represents an Ohio-based real estate group, won the auction for the two-story colonial house in just 12 minutes, The Associated Press reports. His bid? $331,000.

“Stuff like this doesn’t happen every day,” Michael told The Detroit News. “It was very exhilarating.”

Some bidders, from as far away as Nevada and Florida, said they had plans to turn the four-bedroom house into a shrine.

Posters, pictures and an encyclopedia on Madonna were already on display as people walked through her former home, and her music played over a loudspeaker during the auction.

According to the AP, Saturday was the second time the owners tried to sell the house. The first time, an eBay auction attracted pranksterswho bid as high as $99 million.

Madonna lived in the suburban home from the age of 12 until she left to train as a dancer at the University of Michigan.

Her father and stepmother remained in the home until last July, when they sold it to a Rochester Hills man for $270,000, Reuters reports.

Michael told Reuters that his winning bid was about $50,000 more than he had planned to pay for the property, but he hopes that his firm will profit from its resale in the near future.