News, Jan. 6: Sienna Miller Plans White Wedding, Wahlberg Considers Marky Mark Return, Zellweger Planning New England Move, More…

Miller plans white wedding

Actress Sienna Miller will fulfill her childhood dream when she marries film hunk Jude Law— and wed in a traditional white wedding gown. The Alfie beauty accepted Law’s proposal on Christmas Day after he presented her with a glistening diamond engagement ring, and she’s already excitedly planning her wedding day. Miller–who yesterday said she was “the happiest girl alive”–is also determined to exchange vows in the presence of God. She says, “I want a big church wedding–it’s always been my dream to marry in white. We haven’t set a date, but I’m ecstatic.”

Wahlberg considers Marky Mark return in Germany

Mark Wahlberg fears he’ll have to one day return to the stage as rapper Marky Mark to repay a debt he owes in Germany. The movie star turned his back on his Marky Mark alter ego years ago but admits he left one former business manager demanding one more show. He says, “They’ll probably call me saying I owe them from the last time. “A buddy of mine was running this company. I told him I would do a record if he gave me the money to go in the studio and mess around and it never came out.” Wahlberg admits if the pal ever calls him on the favor, he’d consider bringing Marky Mark out of retirement for just one show. He adds, “If they’ll pay me, (I’ll do a) 35 minute set.”

Renee planning a New England move

Renee Zellweger is planning to quit Los Angeles for good after she’s finished promoting her new movie The Cinderella Man and set up home in New England. The actress tells the new issue of W magazine that she’s had enough of life in Hollywood and wants to concentrate on writing books and music in the New England countryside.

Cruz found loneliness in Hollywood

Penelope Cruz led a “very lonely” existence when she first moved to Hollywood, because she didn’t have any friends or family nearby. The actress abandoned a successful acting career in her native Spain to seek fame and fortune in Tinseltown, and soon landed roles in 2000 films Woman on Top and All The Pretty Horses. She further shot to prominence starring alongside Johnny Depp in 2001 blockbuster Blow. But she insists fame and success didn’t come easily: “If you don’t have friends in Hollywood, you can feel very lonely. I certainly did at the beginning, you know, it was really hard for me then. “I was living at a hotel for a long time and didn’t know anybody, so it was pretty hard.”

Clooney beats Pitt in sex appeal poll

George Clooney has triumphed in the latest round of his sex appeal battle with pal Brad Pitt, having topped a new poll listing Hollywood’s hunkiest men. The Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve cast mates are regular competitors for the number one honor in similar surveys across the world–a light-hearted rivalry they’ve allowed to enter their friendship. But on this occasion it’s Clooney who’ll have the opportunity to stand proud in the presence of his pal, after scoring the most votes in a survey of 700 visitors to London’s waxwork museum Madame Tussauds. Meanwhile, recent mum Julia Roberts was crowned the sexiest woman.

Branson in mile-high club

Virgin tycoon Richard Branson once had sex on a plane with a complete stranger. The star of reality TV show The Rebel Billionaire was just 18 when he got passionate with the passenger sitting next to him in the economy class section. Their brief encounter ended when they landed and he discovered she had a boyfriend. Branson recalls, “I was about 18-years-old and it was with somebody I met on the plane going to Los Angeles. “We were sitting in economy, and we had a blanket and one thing led to another. I remember her getting off the plane and rushing into the arms of her husband or boyfriend.”

Baby and Sideways share honors at Texas Awards

Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby and wine drinking comedy Sideways shared the spoils at the Dallas-Fort Worth Critics Association’s 11th annual prize giving in Texas. Eastwood‘s boxing drama claimed the Best Film prize and the movie’s star, Hilary Swank, was named Best Actress, while Sideways stars Paul Giamatti, Thomas Haden Church and Virginia Madsen claimed the remainder of the acting awards. Other winners in Dallas and Fort Worth were French film A Very Long Engagement (Best Foreign Film), Fahrenheit 9/11 (Best Documentary) and The Incredibles (Best Animated Film).

Stone blames Alexander flop on ‘homophobic’ America

Director Oliver Stone has slammed American audiences as homophobic, and blames this prejudice as the reason why his latest movie Alexander flopped in the US. Stone expects the epic biopic, which stars Colin Farrell as bisexual Alexander the Great, to perform better in Europe as he believes Europeans have a better understanding of ancient history. He says, “Americans don’t read about ancient history like the Europeans. And in America there is a raging fundamentalism and morality. From day one the Bible Belt people did not show up because there was one phrase throughout the media and that was ‘Alex the gay’. So you can bet your a*s the Americans aren’t going to see a war hero who in their heads has something wrong with him. But I don’t regret what I have made here for a minute. It’s the epic of my life.”

Movie bosses warned to accurately portray albinism

Movie director Ron Howard is being advised to tread carefully when filming the movie adaptation of novel The Da Vinci Code this year, by not permitting albino stereotypes. The National Organization For Albinism And Hypopigmentation (NOAH) has asked film bosses to make sure the upcoming movie doesn’t portray its albino character as a red-eyed psychopath. NOAH president Mike Mcgowan says, “One huge problem with (author Dan Brown’s book) The Da Vinci Code is how (the character of) Silas is described with red eyes. That’s a myth. Most often in people with albinism the eyes are light blue or even hazel. “Ron Howard can make a big difference for people with albinism by continuing the trend away from a hack device if they adjust the Silas character to not be an evil albino. “Over the years the stereotyping and misinformation foisted on the albinism community by film-makers does real harm to real people.” Tom Hanks has signed up to star in The Da Vinci Code, which is slated for a mid-2006 release.

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