Nicole Richie’s Film Moved to Avoid B.O. Battle with Paris Hilton

Producers of Nicole Richie‘s film debut Kids and I have moved the release date forward two weeks early, so the socialite won’t have to compete with her former friend Paris Hilton in the box office.

Earlier this month, moviemaker Andrew Shaifer, who produced and wrote Kids and I, accused the team behind Hilton‘s National Lampoon’s Pledge This! of purposefully synchronizing the release date of November 4 to generate publicity.

The Simple Life reality TV co-stars mysteriously fell out in January and have refused to divulge the reason behind their rift, with Hilton saying, “All I will say is that Nicole knows what she did and that’s all I am ever going to say about it.”

In reflection, Shaifer has decided to release Richie‘s debut on October 21.

He tells gossip site, “My concern now is that Paris is going to continue to play follow the leader. She will try to horn in on Nicole’s PR again.”

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