Robert Downey Jr. Hospitalized

Following his much-publicized arrest in a Palm Springs, Calif., hotel for drug possession, actor Robert Downey Jr. checked himself into an L.A. area hospital over the weekend for depression, Reuters reports.

Downey reportedly arrived on Friday and left on Sunday. No further details were given.

Meanwhile, Downey awaits a court hearing Dec. 27 when he’ll find out what action prosecutors will take against him. Until then, he still has a job as a guest star on Fox’s “Ally McBeal.” The actor has two more episodes to complete in his 10-episode commitment. After that, it’s uncertain what type of work, if any, the onetime Oscar-nominated actor will get in Hollywood.

Because of the uncertainty of what will happen at his hearing later this month, executives at Revolution Studios, the company founded by Disney studio chief Joe Roth, is reportedly looking to replace Downey in the upcoming film “America’s Sweethearts.” The film stars Julia Roberts, Billy Crystal and Catherine Zeta-Jones and is scheduled to start shooting Jan. 10 – two weeks after Downey‘s court hearing.

The actor is also still attached to a stage production of “Hamlet,” which Mel Gibson will direct next year, according to Downey‘s spokesman, Alan Nierob.

Currently, the actor remains free on a $15,000 bail. The actor’s arrest came three months after a one-year stint in jail for a previous drug conviction.