ROLE CALL: Exciting ‘Sprockets’ News!

Looks like another “Saturday Night Live” reunion is in the making. Today’s Daily Variety says Will Ferrell, aka the “SNL” guy from those laff-riot comedies “A Night at the Roxbury” and “Superstar,” is slated to join Mike Myers in “Dieter,” a big-screen project inspired by Myers old skit “Sprockets.”

The story will follow Myers‘ suggestively kinky German talk-show host Dieter as his beloved pet monkey gets kidnapped. Ferrell will play his American cousin who is enlisted to find the missing monkey.

GIRL TROUBLE: “Dawson’s Creek’s” Katie Holmes will join Tom Sizemore, Tim Allen and Rene Russo in “Big Trouble,” a Disney comedy about a group of people whose lives are interrupted by a nuclear scare. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Holmes will play Russo’s daughter.