ROLE CALL: More Monkey Business

Helena Bonham Carter is just the latest high-profile actor to go ape. The “Fight Club” star has signed up for Tim Burton’s reworking of “Planet of the Apes,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. She joins a cast that already includes Mark Wahlberg, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tim Roth and others. The film begins shooting this fall for a summer 2001 release.

Ben Affleck CINDERELLA DUDE: Ben Affleck keeps lining up the post-“Armageddon” roles. First he got the Jack Ryan part in “The Sum of All Fears” and he’s starring in the action movie “Pearl Harbor,” and now he’s talking about the lead in a film called “Cinderella Man” that might be directed by Billy Bob Thornton. According to Variety, it’s about a regular joe who becomes a boxer during the Great Depression to support his family.

PRAGUE BOUND: Variety reports that Edward Norton will play an American POW with a law degree who defends a black prisoner against murder charges during WWII in the upcoming flick “Hart’s War.”

IRONS MAN: Variety also says Jeremy Irons and Forest Whitaker will star in a British thriller called “The Fourth Angel.” Irons plays a man whose family is killed in a terrorist attack, and Whitaker will be an FBI agent.