Sheen’s lawyer criticises reality show lawsuit

Ed Meyer is taking legal action against Sheen over claims the actor and his parents, Martin and Janet, conspired to “threaten, interfere with and restrain” the series, which was to feature Sheen’s uncle Joe Estevez.

In the legal papers, the plaintiff claims he has been “damaged” by the defendants’ alleged “wrongful acts”, which have prevented him from moving forward with the project, called Being Sheen.

Meyer, who alleges he has been trying to get Being Sheen off the ground since April 2010, is asking for at least $20 million (£13.3 million) in damages.

But Sheen’s attorney Marty Singer is convinced he’ll be able to get the case thrown out, telling the Hollywood Reporter, “This is the most ridiculous lawsuit I have ever seen in my 30-year career. My client doesn’t even know who this person is. I’m confident the case will be dismissed.”