Sheen terrified neighbours as Halloween general

Lowe was close friends with Sheen’s son Emilio Estevez as they grew up in Los Angeles but the actor admits he wasn’t initially fond of his fellow Brat Pack star’s dad.

He explains, “I didn’t know Martin all that well because when I moved in he was doing Apocalypse Now and (he was) gone forever. I met him trick-or-treating one night… It was a wild neighbourhood; a lot of people throwing way too many eggs, shaving cream-ing cars… and Martin would patrol in a full camo (camouflage) uniform.

“I don’t know if it was Halloween or he was working through some psycho stuff left over from Apocalypse Now, but that was my introduction to President Bartlet (Sheen’s future West Wing character).

“Any time there’s a baseball-wielding man in camo fatigues, it’s a good idea to run.”