Simon Webbe lost $108,000 chain

Blue star Simon Webbe was so blase about cash at the beginning of his pop career, he was completely unfazed when he misplaced a $108,000 (£70,000) chain. The pop star blew a fortune on jewellery after the band hit the big time in their native U.K. in 2001, and he once decided to purchase a hugely expensive necklace.
But he took his luxurious lifestyle for granted and didn’t think twice when he lost the piece on a plane.
He tells Britain’s The Sun, “My biggest waste of money was buying diamonds, thinking I was 50 Cent and s**t. I went through a stage where I was into the whole hip-hop thing and everything had to be bling-bling for me.
“But it was really bling-blah. I’d spend £70,000 on a chain and end up losing most of it, leaving it on planes and stuff. And I just thought, ‘Ah well, that’s £70,000, I’ll make that back in a couple of days.’ And that’s not really the attitude to have when you’re 20 or 21.”