Victoria Justice buys her family a house

The 19 year old made it big as the star of U.S. Nickelodeon TV shows Victorious and Zooey 101, and she recently landed her first record deal.

Now the young beauty is giving back to her mum and dad, who relocated the family to Hollywood when Justice was 10 so she could pursue an acting career, by purchasing a home in Los Angeles, which comes with a pool, jacuzzi, a large backyard, and huge closets for her and her fashion-loving sister Madison.

She tells Teen Vogue, “It’s pretty surreal. My number one thing was that if I ever did get successful enough to make it, I wanted to be able to give back to my family… It’s our dream house. It’s amazing.”

And even though the teenager knows she will soon move out and find a place of her own, Justice admits she still likes living with her parents: “I know I’m going to be moving out in a few years, but I’m not ready yet. I’m still 19. I have a lot to learn.”