Woody Harrelson Urges Environmentalists to Get Tough

Movie star Woody Harrelson has urged his fellow environmentalists to band
together and get tough in a bid to save the world from tsunami and hurricane

The Natural Born Killers star fears environmentalists, who warn of natural
crises decades before they occur and offer ways of avoiding them, don’t do
enough and aren’t taken seriously.

But, after last month’s Gulf Coast hurricane tragedy and
the tsunami disaster in south east Asia in December, Harrelson insists
Earth lovers have to act like clever oil barons and do whatever it takes to

He explains, “Those guys, when the gas goes up half a cent at Chevron, it
goes up half a cent at Shell. They’ve got every move coordinated. They’re
totally in control. They’re working in unison.

“I think all the environmental groups have to focus on at least one main
issue together. And now is the time. Hurricane Katrina is a direct by-product
of global warming. We all knew that.

“Scientists 20 years ago were saying we’ll get increased severity of storms
and bigger and bigger hurricanes. It’s all happening exactly the way they
predicted, except a little bit faster. So, now’s the time for all of us to get

And Harrelson wants to be at the forefront of an environmental coalition – he
has set up a website, www.voiceyourself.com, and is asking those keen to follow
his lead to sign up online.

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