Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Trailer Unleashed

Actor Michael Cera continues to defy easy categorization, doggedly seeking out challenging new roles that stretch his boundaries and showcase his seemingly limitless range. In his latest film, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the star of Juno and Superbad once again flips the script, playing an offbeat teen with a razor-sharp wit and a quirky-yet-pretty love interest. Amazing — his creative courage truly knows no bounds. He’s like the Earnest Shackleton of actors. Watch the new Scott Pilgrim trailer and marvel as he blazes yet another bold trail:

You can check out the trailer here at Apple

Young man, that Rickenbacker is NOT for amateurs. If you plan on wielding it without getting hurt, you’d better know how to use it. Like this guy:


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is directed by Edgar Wright and co-stars Anna Kendrick, Jason Schwartzman, and Brandon Routh. It opens August 20, 2010.