Trends(?) From The Spring Runways

Miranda Priestly famously announced in The Devil Wears Prada: ‘Florals? For Spring? How groundbreaking.’ This season, Mrs. Priestly would have been surprisinly shocked to find nary a floral in site on the Spring/Summer 2014 runways in New York. In fact, not only was there an overall absence of floral and prints in general (they were there, just not show stoppers this time around), but there was also a serious lack of color in general. 

Florals? For Spring? How groundbreaking.

The stand out trend of the season (so far) seems to be an incandescent neutral palette of white, cream, nude, grey, and black. These shocking whites, deep noirs, and light, beige-y tans were seen sandwiched in between pops of muted neons, subtle pastels, and deep jewel tones. 

What’s more, the shapes for next spring don’t seem to be straying from those of seasons past. Boxy, oversized cropped tops were paired with loose, low-slung cropped trousers and chunky lug soled shoes. Dresses were either seemingly shapeless and flowe-y or lithe and figure forming. Leather pieces were seen on just about every catwalk (this time in strictly black, white, or bright red), while the focus on sheer, ethereal fabrics juxtaposed by stiff shapes made serious stake.  

an incandescent neutral palette of white, cream, nude, grey, and black.

Perhaps most surprising was the departure from pastel, ice cream shades. The mint, peach, and butter of last season made way for creamy off-whites, bright, stark white, pale blues and pinks, and every shade of grey you could think of (dare we say: Fifty Shades of Grey?). Accessories were structured, or deliberately absent (clutches don’t seem to be going anywhere for next season- yay!), while new shoe shapes ushered in the geeky nurse trend that Prada and Céline made so covetable last season.