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10 Celebs In Commercials Before They Were Famous

Before any celeb hits super stardom, they all pretty much have to pay their dues by getting started in 30-second spots to push a product. From Lisa Frank school supplies to Burger King food, there are some pretty amazing classic commercials featuring stars before they were household names hanging out on YouTube. Check out the hilarity below and expect a few surprises from stars you wouldn’t expect to back famous brands.

Lindsay Lohan 

The former Hollywood “it” girl used to be an adorable face for JELLO.

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Mila Kunis 

The Hollywood A-lister made little girls beg for Lisa Frank supplies back in the day.

Brad Pitt 

Before becoming an iconic world-famous actor, Brad made Pringles a crave-worthy snack.

Drew Barrymore

Who wouldn’t want to buy cookie dough after seeing a 4-year-old Drew Barrymore eating it?

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The pint-sized The Cosby Show star made everyone’s mouth water for Cool Whip in this adorable 1990 commercial.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Before becoming an Oscar-winning actor, Leo got on-camera by backing Bubble Yum gum!

Sarah Michelle Gellar

This Hollywood starlet started her career by appearing in this adorable Burger King commercial.

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Demi Lovato

The singer and actress wasn’t a Disney star yet when she appeared in this safe sex PSA commercial.

Jay Leno

The former king of late night had humble beginnings as a spokesman for Doritos.

Nick Jonas

Prior to being a millennial heartthrob, Nick Jonas was right at home in front of the camera promoting Chuck E Cheese.

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