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10 Signs Your Dating Life Is Exactly Like An Amy Schumer Sketch

The great thing about comedy is that it points out the absurd parts of life. Comedy can definitely be spot on when things aren’t going well in the dating department. But have you ever noticed that your dating life is exactly like an Amy Schumer sketch? It’s really possible. Here are ten times the comedian probably depicted your dating struggles.

1. You’re not the best at sexting.

Tumblr/Comedy Central

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2. The first couple of dates is when you’re on your best behavior.

Tumblr/Comedy Central

3. Spending the night tends to not be your thing.

Tumblr/Apatow Productions

4. Stamina is one of the many important things you’re looking for in a date.

Tumblr/Comedy Central

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5. Being stuck in a dating rut might not be foreign to you.

Tumblr/Comedy Central

6. You’re not used to going on a second date.

amy schumer animated GIF Giphy/Apatow Productions

7. You’ve been really into someone who wasn’t into you.

television animated GIF Giphy/Comedy Central

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8. You take party favors with you in case a date gets boring.

movie animated GIF Giphy/Apatow Productions

9. You’ve stayed up really late just to fight with someone.

request animated GIF Giphy/Apatow Productions

10. And, you have a tendency to get unsolicited dirty pics. 

times animated GIF Giphy/Comedy Central

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