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7 Celebs Making Sustainable Swaps

From picking out eco-friendly beauty products to wearing fashionable clothes that are produced from sustainable materials, it feels good to shop green—and many Hollywood celebrities would agree.

From Woody Harrelson’s paper company to Millie Bobby Brown’s cosmetic brand to even Pharrell Williams’ groundbreaking textile company, countless eco-friendly celebrities are making the swap to sustainability products.

So, whether they are going vegan, avoiding harsh chemicals, or promoting electric cars, here are seven celebrities making sustainable swaps to protect the environment!

Eco-friendly celebrities: Woody Harrelson

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Woody Harrelson has been making a huge impact on the world through his many forms of sustainable lifestyle choices! The legendary actor follows a raw vegan diet, which means Woody Harrelson doesn’t eat any animal products (and doesn’t cook anything, either). Most of Woody Harrelson’s diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

Additionally, Woody Harrelson co-founded Step Forward Paper, a revolutionary paper manufacturer that is responsible for producing paper that is 80% wheat straw waste and 20% wood fibre.

Eco-friendly celebrities: Katie Holmes

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After being a longtime fan of their products, Katie Holmes became a brand ambassador and co-owner of Alterna Haircare in 2013. Alterna’s products are formulated without parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic colors, and other harsh chemicals in order to create a wide variety of sustainable products.

Eco-friendly celebrities: Mille Bobby Brown

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Hollywood’s rising superstar Millie Bobby Brown continues to amaze by founding her own sustainable cosmetic brand. Her company Florence By Mills primarily uses vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals while completely avoiding parabens, sulfates, animal testing, and animal by-products.

Eco-friendly celebrities: George Clooney

George Clooney has a long history of environmentalism and in 2005 took major steps towards sustainability when he became the face of electric sports car company, Commuter Cars. The company achieved mild success after George Clooney’s co-sign and hoped to produce 100 cars per year. However, the technology at the time wasn’t there yet, and Commuter Cars wasn’t able to secure a production deal. Still, with the current electric car craze, George Clooney’s brief stint with Commuter Cars proves he has always been way ahead of the curve.

Eco-friendly celebrities: Emma Watson

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After her remarkable Harry Potter career, Emma Watson has become the face of sustainable fashion. Back in 2018, she pledged her support for Good On You, an app dedicated to providing information on the ethics and sustainability behind countless fashion brands. That same year, Emma Waston also guest-edited an edition of Vogue Australia that focused on sustainable fashion.

Additionally, Emma Watson joined Kering’s Board of Directors in 2020 as the Chair of the Sustainability Committee. Some of Kering’s top brands include Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga.

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Furthermore, just this past June, Emma Watson invested in FabricNano, a startup that aims to replace petrochemical products with sustainable biomanufactured alternatives.

Eco-friendly celebrities: Jessica Alba

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In 2012, Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company, an ethically produced household and family products company. The Honest Company puts great value in sustainability by using bio-based products as an alternative to petro-derived ingredients. Many products are plant-based while they also use food byproducts and recyclable material. Additionally, by 2022 The Honest Company will use tree-less paper as they continue their focus on sustainability.

Eco-friendly celebrities: Pharrell Williams

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Since 2014, Pharrell Williams has served as the creative director for Bionic Yarn, a textile company that transforms recovered marine and coastal plastic into clothing items. Bionic Yarn aims to unite industry-leading brands in the effort to utilize sustainable products while also reducing the plastic in the ocean.

Are there any celebrities that are making sustainable swaps that we missed? Let us know on Instagram!

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