A Timeline: Taylor Swift’s Relationship With Tom Hiddleston Is Moving Too Fast

Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift, WENN, 061616

We’re still getting over the shock from Taylor Swift split with Calvin Harris, but in a matter of a week or two, Swifty has already passed numerous relationship milestones with Tom Hiddleston. How can this be? It feels like they’ve crammed a whole six months of a relationship into a couple weeks.

Here’s why it feels like it’s moving too fast (a.k.a. a timeline of stuff that’s making us really feel for Calvin).

1. Taylor meets Tom Hiddleston at the Met Gala (May 1, 2016)

The pair were sat together at the Met Gala, which Swifty attended alone. Little did we know their super fun dance off was the beginning of the end for Calvin Harris’ time with Taylor.

2. Taylor Dumped Calvin Harris (June 2, 2016)

On June 2nd, Calvin Harris sent out a tweet confirming the pair had split. Taylor retweeted it. Okay, so we didn’t actually hear the whole story on who dumped who, but Harris definitely hinted at the fact that the star dumped him.

3. Taylor Swift deletes most Harris-related photos on Instagram, Harris does the same and unfollows her and her brother on Twitter (June 15, 2016)

Harris tweeted then deleted the phrase “It’s about to go down” shortly before some photos of Taylor kissing another man were released. Taylor deleted almost every trace of him online, and Harris did the same — right after he said everything was cool, and they ended with lots of love and respect. We’re guessing that’s not the case?

4. Taylor was spotted smooching Tom Hiddleston on a Rhode Island Beach (June 15, 2016)

Two weeks after Taylor’s 15-month relationship ended, paparazzi spotted her kissing handsome British hunk Tom Hiddleston.

5. Taylor introduced Tom Hiddleston to her squad (June 21, 2016)

Swift took her new beau to a Selena Gomez concert and introduced him to her girl squad, including childhood BFF Abigail and her brother Austin.

6. Taylor introduced Tom Hiddleston to her parents (June 24, 2016)

During a recent trip to Nashville, Taylor went to lunch with her parents then brought them over to meet Tom.

7. Taylor meets Tom’s parents (June 26, 2016)

Swift flew over to England with her new beau where they were spotted walking on the beach with none other than Hiddleston’s mom, Diana. Yikes things are moving really fast. 

Of course, we can’t judge Swifty. The heart wants what it wants, and maybe she was totally swept away by the charming Brit. We just hope Taylor is cautious about getting into a serious relationship so soon. As much as we love her breakup songs, we don’t want our pop queen to ever be hurting.