Alec Baldwin Says He’ll Stop Impersonating Donald Trump On ‘SNL’ Under One Condition

Alec Baldwin, Saturday Night Live, SNL

By now you’ve probably heard that Donald Trump is anything but thrilled about Alec Baldwin’s Saturday Night Live impression. While the entire country unanimously agrees* that he nails the impression, Trump thinks it’s absolutely terrible (it’s almost as if he finally looked in a mirror and saw reality).

Trump sent out a tweet slamming the show for Baldwin’s impression.

Alec Baldwin definitely took the bait. He fired back saying that he’d gladly stop doing the impression under one condition — Trump has to release his tax returns. 

Boom. Trump has been trumped. Your move, Donny!

*These are not actual stats, but we felt like taking a page from Trump’s book and throwing around some made up facts that help us prove our point.

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