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17 Reasons Anna Kendrick Would Make An Awesome Girlfriend

Anyone who has seen Pitch Perfect loves Anna Kendrick and her dry sense of humor. She is easily earning the title of #1 Girl Crush, but she shouldn’t just be considered a girl crush. She deserves to be everyone’s celebrity crush, because she’s freaking awesome.1. She can always make you laugh.

2. Whenever you have to say goodbye to her, she would blow you a kiss like this:


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3. She knows what Reddit is AND she wants to be a part of it. Also – J.LAW BOOBS.

4. Her modesty is very endearing.


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5. She would never drag you onto a reality TV show.

6. She’s a girl who actually eats REAL food.

7. She may, or may not, run a prostitution ring. So she’s obviously got some money and great time-management skills. 

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Also, she knows how to mess around and not be taken seriously.

8. If you’ve ever had the desire to date a bad bitch, she happens to be one.


9. She might be Cinderella in Into The Woods, but she isn’t some prissy princess.

10. She is one of Hollywood’s elite, but she’s also down to be lazy.


11. She’s not about to pressure anyone to settle down and have a bunch of babies.  

12. She can take care of you after a rough night of drinking.


13. She is super romantic when it comes to expressing her feelings.

14. She didn’t let her bitchy role as Jessica in Twilight stop her from dominating Hollywood and making people laugh.


15. She’s up for impromptu Dashboard Confessional ballads.

16. She has some pretty awesome famous last words planned out. Maybe she’ll help you think of some.


17. She really loves cake, so you can expect it to become the main course at every meal.

If you weren’t crushing on her before, I’m sure you are now:


Hay, gurl, hay!

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