Battle Of The Music Videos: 15 Years Ago Vs. Now

Are we the only ones who miss old videos? Nowadays, it seems people are more concerned with breaking each others’ records on Vevo than they are with putting out a quality (if not, a little goofy) video. Are you more a fan of videos from 15 years ago or now?

Britney Spears vs. Ariana Grande

Brit – “Oops, I did It Again”


Ari – “Break Free”


This is no contest. We’d just like to use this as a chance to shut down the idea that Ariana is at Britney’s level. No one is at Britney’s level, but Britney Spears herself, who after over 17 years in the business, 2 kids, a failed marriage, a total breakdown, and more, is still very much on top of her game. Our winner will always be Britney. 

Christina Aguilera vs. Jessie J

Xtina – ‘What A Girl Wants”


Jessie – “Burnin’ Up”


This one is tough. Not going off their talent (both women have amazing voices, that they love to show off) but the video itself, we are going to say Christina is the winner. It was a very close race, almost a tie. But sadly 2 Chains is the reason that Jessie J can’t come out on top, because not only does he sound weird mixed in with her raw, fun talent, but he feels even weirder in this video.

NSYNC vs. One Direction

NSYNC – “Bye Bye Bye”


1D – “Steal My Girl”


This is tough for us. We grew up on NSYNC, but love One Direction. Still, going off the quality of the video’s content and not the actual song, we’re going to crown NYSNC as the winner. Coming off their album No Strings Attached, this video just makes so much sense. They’re saying goodbye to their puppet-master ex and moving on with their life. What on earth was 1D doing with a chimpanzee and a 100 random people in the middle of nowhere (we love it, but we’re super confused).

Destiny’s Child vs. Fifth Harmony

Destiny’s Child – “Bills Bills Bills”


Fifth Harmony – “BO$$”


Two songs with similar concepts, these ladies are looking for some respect. While we’re inclined to support strong women and shirtless men, we’re going to have to rule the winner Destiny’s Child here, because Beyoncé telling someone to kick it to the curb in the beginning of your video is always the way to start. Plus, it’s Beyoncé

Eminem vs. Iggy Azalea 

Em – “The Real Slim Shady”


Iggy – “Fancy”


If this was a contest between Eminem 15 years ago vs. Now, this video would win, 100%. He needs to go back to his roots. However, it’s not. This is a competition between him and a rapper he very recently got in hot water with. And would you look at that, our winner is Iggy Azaela. The easiest way to our hearts, and most 90’s babies, is a perfect Clueless reference, and this tribute tops anything else we’ve seen in years.

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