Brad Pitt Has A Recording Of Angelina Jolie That Could Flip Their Custody Battle Upside Down

Brad Pitt
Gregorio T. Binuya/Everett Collection / Baseline

Things are not looking so great for Angelina Jolie, who remains determined to prove that Brad Pitt is an unfit father after he was cleared of all child abuse allegations on Wednesday. Sources close to the couple say that Brad has some audio recordings of Jolie that could seriously put a dent in her plans to win full custody of their six kids.

A source who spoke to The Sun reports that the alleged audio tapes are highly embarrassing and are great ammo against Jolie in the couple’s custody battle.

“We believe audio tapes exist of Angelina that would be absolutely dynamite against her if they were to be made public,” said the source. “Nobody wants to play dirty like that — it’s not good for the children — but Angelina and her team seem absolutely hell-bent on trying to discredit Brad in order to stop him getting joint custody.”

According to the source, the infamous plane incident between Maddox and Brad was never physical. It was simply an argument, as families sometimes have.

“Yes, there was an argument on a plane between him and Maddox, but that’s it. It’s not abuse,” they said.

The source claims that Brad is trying to take the high road, but Angelina is making is difficult. “Brad has made it obvious that he wants to come to a mature arrangement and stop throwing dirt at each other,” said the source.

Pitt was recently cleared of his child abuse allegations when the investigation closed on Wednesday. The actor was all smiles when he was spotted without his wedding ring at the premiere of Allied in Los Angeles.

Despite his chipper mood at the premier, Brad has apparently been terrified of losing custody of his children. Allegedly, the actor has been unable to sleep. Poor guy. This situation is just so terrible for both Angelina and Brad, we hope they sort it out before it affects the kids. 

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