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Breslin stunned by young Broadway stage crasher

Breslin, Matthew Modine, Jennifer Morrison and Alison Pill are all starring in a revival of the William Gibson play, about a young deaf and blind Helen Keller and her instructor, which opened in New York last week (03Mar10).

Director Kate Whoriskey has been panned by critics for staging the show at The Circle in the Square, which boasts a round stage surrounded by audiences members.

And the intimate atmosphere proved problematic for audience and cast when a young girl crawled on stage because she couldn’t get a decent view of the show.

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Breslin says, “There are so many kids in the shows and they really get into it. It’s in the round and so you’re really (close to) the stage. You can really get into the show – it’s like you’re in their living room, you’re in the dining room with them… There was a little girl who tired to crawl on stage because she couldn’t see what was happening. I couldn’t see it because my back was to her, but I heard from the director.”

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