Yep. Conan O’Brien is Actually 50 And So Are These 8 Other Sexy Celebs

Credit: TBS

You wouldn’t think that a man who invented and profited off something called “The String Dance” would ever age. But it’s true: Today, Conan O’Brien turned 50 and then we all turned to each other with expressions that can only be described as “WhaaaaaA?” followed by an auditory “No. Way.” But ’tis true: Coco is half a century old. 

Luckily, to offset the mind-blowing truth of O’Brien’s age, we’ve got eight other celebs who’ve just entered the fifth decade of their lives. Okay, so that might blow your mind a little more. But you’ll live. 

Basketball Legend Michael Jordan
That title almost works better when you’re 50. 

Credit: Judy Eddy/WENN

Mad Man About Town John Slattery
Age ain’t nothing but a number, and this silver fox has still got it (even after puking on the floor at Sterling Cooper).

Credit: Daniel Tanner/WENN

Tom Cruise: Still Kicking Ass in Space at 50
And still wooing ladies just a hair above half his age on screen too. 

Credit: Brian To/WENN

Straight Up, Paula Abdul’s Still Got the Moves
Seriously. Don’t challenge this former Laker girl to a dance contest. You will lose.

Credit: FayesVision/WENN

Steve Carell Wore Spandex in Burt Wonderstone and Got Away With It
But he reminds me of my dad so that’s all the commentary I can provide for this 50s clubber.

Credit: Apega/WENN

Demi Moore, Is 50, Still Looks 30
Life is cruel, folks.

Credit: FayesVision/WENN

Okay, We Know Jodie Foster’s 50
After all, she practically hit us over the head with during her rambling Golden Globes speech this year.

Credit: B.Dowling/WENN

Forever-Duck Emilio Estevez
He’ll always be our Mighty Ducks coach, even in 20 years when he’s 70. 

Credit: Dominic Chan/WENN

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