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David Hasselhoff’s Ex-Wife Hits Back in Spousal Support Dispute

David Hasselhoff’s ex-wife Pamela Bach has become dependent on the Baywatch star’s spousal support payments because there is little work available for aging actresses.

The actor filed court papers in September (17) seeking to end the alimony payments he’s been forced to hand over for the past 11 years, insisting it’s about time Bach got a job to support herself instead of living off his monthly cheques of $10,000.

Bach has now hit back, insisting she has made “good faith and reasonable efforts” to find work, but “the current market for actresses” over 50 in the entertainment industry has made it difficult for her to find regular employment.

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According to documents obtained by TMZ.com, Bach also blames the lengthy break she took from acting to raise the former couple’s two daughters, Hayley and Taylor Ann, for her inability to land new gigs, apart from a stint on British reality show Celebrity Big Brother back in 2011.

In addition, Bach, 54, alleges she didn’t get a fair deal when she and Hasselhoff separated their assets to finalize their divorce, as he received a boat, jet skis, two trusts with multiple assets, and their marital home, while she only received a $325,000 payment for the house.

Hasselhoff, who is now engaged to Welsh beauty Hayley Roberts, previously managed to get the original sum of $21,000 slashed by more than half last year (16), after claiming he had to raid his savings accounts to keep up with the spousal support payments, but Bach is adamant her ex can afford to continue with the lower installments because he is still raking in around $1 million a year.

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