Douglas honoured with prosthetic penis in new Spartacus

Producer Rob Tapert reveals some of the more modest and less-endowed cast members of Spartacus: Blood & Sand asked to wear a prosthetic for the many full-frontal nude scenes in the TV mini-series – and the fake manhood was christened after the star of Stanley Kubrick’s epic.

Tapert explains, “There is a great deal of nudity, both male and female, and some guys in the series are not as well-endowed as other guys, so we had to create the Kirk Douglas, as it was aptly named, so that certain actors would have a prosthetic that they could wear and feel comfortable.

“Someone lovingly called it the Kirk Douglas, and the name stuck.

Actress Lucy Lawless, who strips for the film, reveals, “That was Erin Cummings, who plays Spartacus’ wife Sura. She thought she should have the right to name it (penis), so Kirk Douglas’ agent, don’t call us.

“That thing gets shared around. At the moment it’s pinned to the wall next to all the merkins in the make-up truck.”.