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Ed Westwick refuses to shave body hair to fit Hollywood beauty standard


Ed Westwick urges people to feel comfortable in their own skin rather than changing to fit society’s idea of attractive.

The British Gossip Girl actor certainly has no trouble getting noticed for his good looks, but even he has been faced with pressure to fit in. Discussing his take on modern day grooming, Ed insisted he has no plans to remove his body hair, even if it is considered normal these days.

“It would be too much faff to get rid of all that,” he quipped to Metro newspaper. “I’ve got a mate who does it, even his armpits. He said he does it because he wants to be streamlined, bless him. We’re living in an age where we’re competing with Photoshop and comparing ourselves with everyone else all the time.

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“When I was in L.A., I realized that everyone was starting to look the same; perfect chests, perfect skin. You need to be comfortable with yourself.”

The Chalet Girl star further joked his brothers would “rip into” him if he was to ever turn to the razor and like everyone else out there, Ed has his good days and bad days.

Quizzed on the roots of his brooding looks, which the publication described as “exotic”, the 29-year-old admitted he’s open to finding out more about his background.

“People always ask that – I think it’s the cheekbones,” he laughed. “I look most like my maternal grandmother but, as far as we know, the family line is British. Maybe I should go on Who Do You Think You Are? to find out. It’s a funny thing though, genetics.”

Fans can currently see Ed in new BBC Two comedy White Gold, in which he plays a cheeky salesman from Essex, England.

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