‘Flipping Out’ Star Jeff Lewis Sues Assistant Jenni Pulos For Writing a Book About Him

Jeff Lewis

For Jeff Lewis, the irascible star of Flipping Out best known for his OCD hangups, throwing temper tantrums, and spontaneously firing associates, the balance between someone people love to hate and someone people just hate is as tenuous and Amanda Bynes‘ grasp on her driver’s license. The thing that always kept him human and made people like him was his relationship with his adorable and hilarious assistant Jenni Pulos. But that might now all be over because Jeff is suing Jenni.

Like a real life Jack and Liz from 30 Rock (if Jack was gay and had questionable plastic surgery and Liz was a bubbly Greek rapper) the best part of Flipping Out was seeing these two interact and how Jenni put up with Jeff. If he was good enough for her to hang out with, then we could probably tolerate him too. She was going to write about it all in a new book Hang in There, Baby – What One of the World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work, and Love. When Jeff found out the title of the book he sued Jenni, the Hollywood Reporter, um, reports, because she signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of her employment. Jeff is asking a judge stop the publication of the book, which Pulos said has yet to be written. It’s up for pre-sale on Amazon under a shortened title.

Now, if she did sign a non-disclosure agreement then Jeff is probably well within his rights to keep Jenni from writing about her life at work. However, this is not going to make him look good in the court of public opinion. After all, what does he have to hide? Knowing what a stickler for rules and points of procedure Jeff is, this is probably more about the fact that she’s writing the book at all than because of what could be in it. After all, Jeff will be the first one to admit how awful he is. But Jeff better be careful with his allegations. We’ve already seen him lose one best friend on his show, the audience may not have much sympathy if he chases away another.

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