Halsey and Naomi Campbell lead calls to help Lebanon following Beirut blast


Halsey and Naomi Campbell have donated to relief efforts in Lebanon and called on fans to do the same following the shocking explosion in Beirut on Tuesday (August 4, 2020).

Rescue workers in the Lebanese capital are searching for more than 100 people who are missing after a huge explosion devastated the port area, killing at least 100 and injuring more than 4,000 others.

The city was shaken by the blast, which was heard as far away as Cyprus, causing a mushroom cloud. It was reportedly sparked by the ignition of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely in a warehouse, according to the country’s President Michel Aoun.

A number of stars were also moved by the shocking photos and video of the incident that were shared on social media.

Asking fans where she could donate, Halsey tweeted: “My heart is aching looking at these photos in Beirut. I have read from a lot of people that petitions aren’t effective and donations can result in a dramatic exchange decrease. Can someone share with me direct information about how we can help most effectively and immediately?”

Her followers directed her to a Help Lebanon website, which Naomi also shared in her bio on Instagram and which links to crowdfunding initiatives for the Lebanese Red Cross and Disaster Relief for Beirut Explosion.

Posting a picture of herself in Beirut, the supermodel posted: “My thoughts, prayers and love go out to the people of Lebanon and their families (broken heart and praying emoji) #Beirut #LinkInBio ( my memories of downtown of how I will remember it ).”

Other stars who sent their thoughts and prayers included Kylie Jenner, Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan, Sara Bareilles, and West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler.