Heidi Montag Finally Lets Us Know How She Feels About Ex-Bestie Lauren Conrad


Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad have had a rough best-friendship since the pair decided to cut ties during The Hills. While duo notoriously had it out for each other, apparently Montag might have changed her tune.

MTV recently aired a 10th anniversary special to honor the famed reality series called The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now. The special featured solely Conrad in a live broadcast commenting on the series and various plot points. Some co-stars appeared via pre-taped interviews, but we didn’t get much from Montag about how she felt during the special, and all of us who aren’t particularly Team Heidi or Team Lauren know when talking about the series, you’ve got to let both of them speak.

Since Heidi wasn’t on the broadcast, she took to Twitter to answer our most burning question: how are she and Lauren getting along now that the series has ended? Apparently, there’s no longer any bad blood.

Heidi live-blogged the special to give us her point of view and discussed her falling out with Conrad in deeper detail. Girl sounds a bit sour, but do you blame her? No one’s happy when they lose their best friend.

She said: “Lauren is narrating all our lives again. Surprise! It’s all about Lauren. Blogs have advertised the show as a ‘reunion,’ but it’s really an LC special.”

She continued: “My falling out with Lauren makes me sad, even years later. We were so young, but the show could have ended differently. We could have gone to dinner, agreed to disagree on our issues, and make up. We could have become friends again. It’s frustrating how our friendship ended. What would have happened if we remained friends?”

This is too sad. Apparently Heidi can forgive her but doesn’t want to forget her (remember when Lauren famously said “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you?” So cold).

It gets even more emotional when Heidi shares support for her former bestie while talking about how much she misses her.

“Again, Lauren shares wisdom,” she said. “I am struggling to watch this scene. The end of our friendship was so sad. Lauren was my best friend. I would never try to hurt her. I loved her, and I always will. Unfortunately, it is what it is, and we both have to move on…I am so happy for Lauren and her marriage. Everyone deserves love like the relationship I have with Spencer. Love is so important, and she deserves happiness. I wish Lauren the best.”

We really feel for Heidi. Losing such a close friend is never easy, but we hope she can eventually get some closure. It’s been 10 years, after all.