Karen Gillan Q&A

Karen Gillan has had quite an incredible young career.  In 2014 she starred in her first feature full-length film Oculus, her first Television comedy Selfie, and she played Nebula in the Marvel hit Guardians of the Galaxy.  Before that she was Amy Pond for 37 episodes of the hit BBC series Doctor Who.

On Saturday January 17 she took time off her busy schedule to go to the Magic City Comic Con to sign autographs, take pictures, and have a Q&A with her fans.

Karen Gillan Q&A Magic City Comic ConHollywood.com Staff

Fan – Do you have any advice for being an actress?

Karen Gillan – Being an actress is really fun, so good choice.  It’s going to be really hard, its a hard profession to get into, but it’s really worth it.  I feel like today with all the things we have on youtube and all the cameras its quite easy to be self generating and make your own stuff.  Just keep making things and in the mean time watch lots of stuff because that’s what I do whenever I’m not acting.  I watch actors who are better than me.

Fan – How would Nebula be as a companion of Doctor Who?

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Nebula Vs GamoraWalt Disney Studios Motion Picture

Karen Gillan – OH!  That would be weird!  I feel like she would have a hard time running behind the doctor.  I feel like she would… I dunno.  How would that cybernetic eye be in the Tardis?  I feel like that would be an odd dynamic.  Maybe she would make a really good companion if as she didn’t turn on the Doctor because she’s a little bit evil?  A wee bit.

Fan – How would Amy be in the zombie apocalypse?

Karen Gillan – Oh!  I think she would survive, I think she would be good.  She’s a strong lady.

Fan – If they made a second Guardians of the Galaxy, would you like to be in it?

Karen Gillan – Yes!  I would love to be in it.  That would be the coolest thing ever.

(Magic City Host: We heard a rumor it would be called Nebula’s Revenge)

YES!  I don’t know if it is called that, but it would be the coolest thing ever if it was.

(Magic City Host: We look forward to your imminent return)

Uh I mean, me too.

Fan – What was your favorite episode to film of Doctor Who?

Karen Gillan – There’s so many good ones, but my favorite would have to be the 11th hour.  It’s my favorite episode to watch and to make as well because we were establishing the characters.  The Doctor and Amy were meeting for the first time and my cousin who played little Emilia did such a good job in making everyone like my character.  I was like thanks for that cousin.  I just think it was a magical episode, I really do.

Fan – If you could go anywhere in space and time with the Doctor, where would you go?

Karen Gillan – I’ve always wanted to go as far into the future as possible and see how we all develop.  I have this theory that we’re all going to have huge overdeveloped brains with no bodies left and we will be like these frail stubby little beings with like huge brains and will look really weird.  That’s fact.

Fan – Who is your favorite Doctor Who Villain?

Dr. Who, weeping angelsBBC America

Karen Gillan – I have two.  Can I have two?  First of all the Weeping Angels because they’re the scariest.  I want to know if anyone gets this reference…  The second one I don’t remember…

Fan – Would you ever consider coming back for another episode of Doctor Who?

Karen Gillan – I said no before and then I lied because I did go back for Matt’s (Smith) regeneration.  The possibility is definitely there.  I would love to go back, that would be really special.  It would be weird now because the whole team has changed over, but it would be really nice to get back on the Tardis for a day.

Fan – How would you believe Amy would react with Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor?

Doctor Who Peter CapaldiBBC One

Karen Gillan – Well first of all she would approve of the voice.  His unfaulty voice.  I think they would make a good team.  I think him and Clara together though, I think they make a really good team.

Fan – Out of all the shows or movies that you’ve acted in, which was your favorite?

Karen Gillan – Ugh that’s a tough question.  It’s fun to play different characters, but I’d have to say that my favorite was Doctor Who.  It always has a special place in my heart and it was one of the first things I ever did.  Running away from monsters is so much fun.

Fan – Which Doctor is your favorite?

Matt Smith, Doctor WhoBBC One

Karen Gillan – It has to be 11 (Matt Smith) and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased.  I think he’s my favorite portrayal of the character.  I just love how alien Matt was about it and he’s just a weird, strange guy.  He’s perfect for it.