Keep The Day Job: Dylan Pastels at the National Portrait Gallery

Bob Dylan PaintingsWENN

Isn’t art about breaking down boundaries? So why should an artist adhere to them? Ask the London’s National Portrait Gallery, which has the latest portfolio of pastels from hyphenate iconoclast Bob Dylan on display.

His art is unevenly compelling, but Dylan is somewhat of a dabbler, and is notoriously opposed to being pinned down. The folkie was roundly booed when he first picked up his electric guitar in 1965. He celebrated his bar mitzvah under his family name of Zimmerman, which he changed before becoming born again. He’s played at filmmaking, acting, spinning disks and been a Victoria’s Secret poster boy. Dude is restless, at the very least.

According to the galleries that have agreed to flog his visual art, however, this particular brand extension isn’t a product of dilettantism: he’s drawn and painted his whole life. Still, even his Gagosian Gallery page barely refers to his fine art bona fides.

But you can decide for yourself whether the man is truly multifaceted or simply ambivalent on Dylan’s very own art website. You can even vote with your wallet on an array of limited edition portfolios.

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