How BET Can Make Keke Palmer’s New Talk Show Work

Keke PalmerDerrick Salters/WENN

Congratulations are in order for Keke Palmer. The actress just landed a new gig that will put her on the map in a very big way. At 20 years old she is officially the youngest person ever to get her own talk show. BET is bringing us The Keke Palmer Project (working title), and while it is indeed exciting for Palmer, we have a few concerns about the show. First of all, is the youngest talk show host ever a bit too young for such a gig?

Palmer is only 20 years-old and that’s pretty young for a talk show host. Oprah Winfrey, Bethenny Frankel — these are the kinds of women we’re used to seeing in what will be Palmer’s new position. At age 20, Palmer has to become a model figure; she has to inspire others and act as a knowledgable confidant of sorts. But BET also seems to have plans to keep it light and fun. Deadline reports that the show will cover fashion, pop culture, social issues, sex, and will feature celebrity interviews. Here are a few other ways we think BET can make The Keke Palmer Project a success.

Feature Guests for an Older Crowd

For those of us who aren’t 20 years old, BET can use those celebrity guest interviews to reel us in. While Palmer may have some former Nickelodeon co-stars she’ll want to bring on, it’d be nice to see some grown-ups too.

Get Kiki to Sing

Between this video and her Alicia Keys cover, we’d love to see more singing from Keke… a duet with Beyoncé would be nice too, but we don’t want to push it. Solange, maybe?

Somehow, Involve Mara Brock Akil

This woman is responsible for one BET’s greatest achievement in television: Being Mary Jane. Somehow, she needs to come on board and sprinkle her awesome, brilliant approach to good TV all over this.