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Kelly Osbourne Campaigning to Make Stem Cell Therapy Affordable in America


Singer-turned-TV personality Kelly Osbourne wants to help cure fellow Lyme disease sufferers by making stem cell therapy available for all in the U.S.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne’s daughter contracted the condition after she was bitten by a tick during a party for the rocker’s 56th birthday back in 2004, when her mother had a reindeer sanctuary installed at their Los Angeles home.

However, Kelly wasn’t properly diagnosed until 2014, months after suffering a seizure while filming an episode of E!’s Fashion Police show in 2013, when doctors claimed her collapse had been caused by epilepsy.

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She did some research into her ailments and discovered she was actually struggling with Lyme disease, and promptly sought out alternative treatment to help her overcome the illness.

“I started to actually do the one thing doctors tell you not to do and that’s to go online and look it up…,” she explained on Good Morning America, “and all roads pointed to Lyme disease so I found a doctor through my mum.


“I went to Frankfurt, Germany, and I did stem cell (therapy) and I got cured,” Kelly claimed.

The 32-year-old is lucky to have been in a position to afford the treatment, which involves the transplant of stem cells to heal those damaged by the disease, and now she is looking to get involved in making the therapy more widely available and affordable to others less fortunate.

“It sickens me that that’s not available to everyone and that you have to be considered lucky or privileged to get that sort of treatment,” she said. “I want to make sure and I will do anything that I can do to make sure that that treatment is available in this country.”

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Kelly details her experience with the bacterial infection in her new memoir There Is No F**king Secret: Letters from a Bada** B**ch. She isn’t the only celebrity to open up about her struggles with Lyme disease – pop star Avril Lavigne, and veteran model Yolanda Hadid and her runway star kids Bella and Anwar Hadid have also been battling the illness.

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