Kristofferson: ‘Hawke Was Misled by College Friend’

Actor Ethan Hawke‘s Kris Kristofferson tribute in the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine has been attacked again — by the country star himself.

Hawke has already upset Toby Keith by suggesting he and Kristofferson almost came to blows during a backstage dispute at a Willie Nelson tribute show in 2003, and now the “Me & Bobby McGee” singer is questioning the validity of the article.

Kristofferson insists he has no recollection of the altercation between himself and Keith, and although he thanks the actor for his “generous and respectful story about me,” the country legend and movie star suggests not everything Hawke wrote is true.

In a letter to the Tennessean newspaper, he writes, “I have no memory of talking so tough to anyone at Willie’s birthday party — least of all to Toby Keith… for whom I have nothing but admiration and respect.

“And, contrary to what the college classmate said (to Hawke), I never was president of any class in college or on the debating team, writing club or played baseball. I hated politics and never ran for anything.”

Rolling Stone editors continue to stand by the story and Hawke’s reporting.

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