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Lance Armstrong Praises Man of Steel’s Brave Son

Champion cyclist Lance Armstrong has been comforting the son of Christopher and Dana Reeve, just days after the teenager’s mother died of lung cancer.

Family friend Armstrong, who himself conquered testicular cancer, spent Wednesday with 13-year-old Will Reeve, two days after his mom passed away. His father, Superman actor Christopher, died in October 2004.

Speaking on TV’s Inside Edition, Armstrong said, “I would say that his spirits were pretty good considering that, in the last 18 months, he’s lost his father, his mother and his grandmother.

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“In situations like this all you can do is say, ‘Hey buddy, I’m here if you want to go hang out, if you want to play games, whatever you want to do, I’m here.'”

Despite their age difference, the 34-year-old Armstrong admits he has enjoyed Will’s company over the last few months–the period during which his mother battled lung cancer.

He adds, “I love hanging with him. I never thought I’d say that about a 13-year-old, but he’s a great kid. He’s a big sports fan. He’s an athlete himself.

“Will is not your normal 13-year-old. He’s a smart, well-adjusted, mature, humble kid.”

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