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Laura Prepon’s Favorite Part of ‘OITNB’ Is The Reason You Love The Show

Laura Prepon is constantly inspired by her Orange Is the New Black co-stars’ “incredible body image”.

The 35-year-old actress plays Alex Vause in the hit Netflix show, which centres on a women’s prison. She stars alongside actresses including Taylor Schilling, Taryn Manning and Uzo Aduba in the programme and feels their self confidence is liberating.

Laura Prepon, Uzo Aduba, Dascha Polanco, Selenis Levya

“One of the things I love about my show is that these incredibly sexy, gorgeous women. I mean the self-image on this show is so incredible,” Laura said during an interview on AOL Build on Wednesday (02Mar16). “Like they embrace every curve, they are just like ‘yeah, this is my body’. This is the best self-image.”

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The raven-haired beauty was in New York to promote her new diet and lifestyle book The Stash Plan, which she wrote alongside nutritionist Elizabeth Troy.

While she has received critical acclaim for her role as Alex, Laura admits she feels her work improves dramatically when she sticks to a healthy diet.

“The difference is that first of all I don’t need to fill myself with caffeine and all this other stuff,” she explained. “So naturally I just feel better. I feel more vibrant. I feel like my work is so much better.”

“I’m always like proud of the work that I put out but especially in recent years on Orange since I’ve been the new re-vitalised, whatever you want to call it, the fact that I really am healing and getting better physically, mentally and spiritually, it’s like night and day.”

The Stash Plan is a 21-day regimen that combines traditional dietary wisdom with the latest food science and weight loss research. Both Laura and Elizabeth want the book to be seen as a long-term solution rather than a quick fix diet.

“If you look at survival of the fittest and things like that,” Laura said. “When you do this plan and you really start to jump start your body into operating the way it should be, naturally you lose weight because your body wants to be a lean, mean machine.

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“It’s in our DNA, in our genetic (makeup) so naturally when your body improves and is functioning optimally weight loss is a bi-product of it, which is an awesome thing.”

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