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Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Transformers’ Diet Is Actually Insane

Mark Wahlberg was forced to start a brutal diet plan to get back in shape for Transformers: The Last Knight.

Wahlberg, 45, had lost his trademark abs when pre-production on the upcoming sequel began and director Michael Bay told him to stick to a strict diet and exercise regime before filming the fifth installment of the hit action franchise.

“I was enjoying life, eating good, drinking a lot of wine,” the actor explained during an appearance on TV show Live with Kelly on Monday (03Oct16), “and then Michael Bay saw me and he was like, ‘Dude you can’t be in the movie like this!’ So I started a crash diet and started working out again.”

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The ‘crash diet’ quickly became serious for Mark, and he insists there was no way he could achieve the body he needed unless he cut back on all his pleasures – including his beloved tipple.

“Not to the extent I was drinking it, that’s for sure,” he smiles. “It’s best to just go really clean, it’s good to clean up a little bit.”

Wahlberg even had to give up sleep, and confessed that long before his four children were getting up for school in the morning, he was slaving in the kitchen, making chicken.

“I roast it myself, stick it in the rotisserie – tie the legs, tie the wings, tuck it in, season it,” he explains. “I travel with one (rotisserie). You can cook a roast or a chicken but no more than a three or four-pounder. I like my own chicken!”

The rest of Mark’s diet sounds like a workout in itself.

“I start at, like, 2am. Egg whites and Ezekiel bread with some almond butter. Then I have some Greek yogurt and a shake. And turkey burgers with sweet potato. Then I have a chicken.”

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Wahlberg notes that his kids, who range in age from six to 13, are repulsed by his eating habits.

“The kids are eating pancakes… and the whole house smells like chicken. They are like, ‘Dad, you are disgusting.’”

Now that the film is in production, he is really having to stick to the strict food plan.

“I’ve had all those meals already today,” he announced on the TV show, “and I just had a tuna salad. I’m looking forward to some whitefish in about an hour.”

Transformers: The Last Knight will be released worldwide next summer (17).

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